so i've been tinkering with guitar for some time now... and a decent amount of theory as well. now I kinda wanna start practicing to reach the level of shredding. I've been to a bookstore to check out some of those "shredding lesson books" and mostly, all they were were just some tablatures of fixed patterns.
ok, maybe those would work if i did em religiously, but I'd like to believe that there are... let's say, more natural ways to become faster.

to those that can play pretty fast/shred, did you sit there and practice those patterns or scales to reach the level? or did you more like practice songs rather than patterns?? (I'm assuming that it's a bit of both, but I've been repeating scales since forever and am not seeing any speed improvement)

also, if there are some good songs the practice of which can help me build up speed, do recommend me some too....... my favorite songs are mostly van halen stuff, but the stuff eddie shreds out are just too much for me at this point
i've followed the two instructional dvds from michael angelo batio, which seemed to improve my speed a lot,
I mainly do his exercises as warm up and after that I just try things
doing the same thing over and over would be to boring for me, but still, you have to accept a lot of repetition if you want to improve!

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Hold you pick tightly, and practise practise practise! Play a scale/pattern with a metronome at about 120, then move up to 130 when you got it down, then to 140, then to 150 etc.etc.
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Hold you pick tightly

That won't help you speed up at all, you'll play faster if your loose and relaxed.
Yep, hard practice is what gets you there, you can constantly mix it up though. The bottom line is putting in a good 30-60min a day on your guitar with the goal of playing faster in mind. You'll be shocked how much improvement you see in a month! Don't forget vibrato though, or you'll still sound inexperienced.
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