FS: Ibanez S1625FB Prestige ('04, MIJ, Bubinga top, 22 fret, ZR trem, exc. condition)

Ibanez S1625FB Wiki page:

66 2400x1600 pics here:
(If you're not familiar w/ Flickr, after you click on a picture you have to click on "All Sizes" to see the high res version)

The "Arm Bar Tube" is stripped and needs to be replaced, part #2ZR29 for $10 from Rich @ ibanezrules.com.

I posted an extended description of the guitar at Jemsite:

I'm asking $800 shipped to continental US. Will consider shipping elsewhere but you pay shipping. Case is $100 extra (I need cases badly right now) but I will include a gig bag.

Thanks for looking!
any interest in trades? even if you don't, i'm graduating soon and i think i could afford this once the summer starts. i'm very interested!
i play noisy hardcore in the vein of coalesce interrupted by lots of isis-esque riffage and ambience, with a healthy dose of screamo dynamics ala funeral diner. it even sounds good sometimes!
Right now I'd prefer to sell. I was planning on putting it on eBay relatively soon but I'd be happy to keep this open for a couple/three/four weeks. Let me know if you're still interested after you graduate (and congrats!)
Bumpity bump.. Just bought another old Ibby on eBay so I could use some cash to pay off the credit card

$750 shipped, $850 shipped with lockable hardshell case w/ 2 keys

I'll even throw in an extra set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's (same strings currently on the guitar) and 5 random picks
Since I'm within my bump limit I should probably add.. by "shipped" I mean to the continental US via FedEx Ground. Shipping elsewhere you pay actual shipping cost minus $25. Also, PayPal only.

And in case you didn't read the wiki page, this is the LAST year S Prestiges were made in Japan. If you want an S Prestige newer than this you'll have to settle for a Korean made model.
On second thought I may be wrong about it being last year MIJ, I was going by the wiki page but it appears they either still do or they started again... extremely sorry for the double post.