some kind of fender strat...
not sure though, interesting.
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not a fan of the decal on it but his amp is DOPE!
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Quote by steve!

I think he carved the flames on the guitar finish...

But yes, it seems to be some kind of Stratocaster with two humbuckers (duh! ).
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i know the video is irrelevant, but that video slightly reminds me of that thread where a guy felt the need to point out his amazing discovery that the 5th fret on the B string was the same note as the open E string...

on topic i think the strat is not actually a fender, it's probably a custom job of some description.
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It's some kind of special limited release fender.

I knew a guy at college last year who had a strat that was the same white with orange flame. Said he bought it new at guitar center and it was limited. That's all I know.
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