Hi all.

I have a 5150 212 combo that WILL NOT switch to the LEAD channel. It's stuck on the rhythm channel and will not switch manually on the amp or with the footswitch. It works completely fine on the RHYTHM channel. I play metal with it and I get some good tones out of it (IMO). My band is in my sig and the songs were recorded with my 5150's Rhythm channel with crunch engaged. Any ideas on how much I can get for this puppy (CAD)? I will not be trying to scam anyone and I am going to list it AS IS. I should note I paid $650 for it.
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Rather than selling it, try to get it fixed. The 5150 is a very good amplifier and god knows the fact that the channels won't switch might be a bad contact. Just ask your local shop about it.

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Probably like... $250, maybe less. People want that amp for the lead channel (even though the Rhythm channel boosted sounds better).
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Had my regular tech look at it. It was something that he couldn't do. He recommended I take it to the closest Peavey dealer (1 hour away) and have them fix it. I don't drive and I don't know anyone who will drive me there. I would have to pay for shipping and for the repair as well. I've been wanting to upgrade to a half stack for quite some time now and I see this as kind of a nudge to do that.
Ibanez RGR421EXFM >> Maxon OD808 >> BOSS NS-2 >> Peavey 5150 212
Really MC that's it? Damn, I know people want it for the lead channel (that's why I bought it) but I figured I could get maybe $350 for it.
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It won't switch? Doesn't seem like that would be something difficult to fix.
If you're in the market for a new amp, I'd say try asking more than one person to have a look at it, then sell it when it's working.
Most people won't pay alot for something that doesn't work properly, even though I'm pretty sure it can't be much more than a single broken piece. Channel switching isn't exactly something that happens in a microchip.
its true no-one wants something broken especially as the lead channel is deciding factor in buying one
i would definately go to the peavey dealer to get it looked and fixed
I know it isn't difficult to fix. As I said I would have to pay shipping and for the repair which I was quoted at $400 (includes shipping). As stated before, I am looking to upgrade to a half stack anyway. If I paid the $40for shipping and repairs that means I've paid $1050 for a 5150 212 combo. Seeing as if I just sell it for say maybe $300, then I would have cut my losses and got $300 towards my new half stack. Ideas? I want to get a half stack because the combo is just too heavy and awkward to carry by myself. I've lugged and head+cab around before and I prefer that much better.
Ibanez RGR421EXFM >> Maxon OD808 >> BOSS NS-2 >> Peavey 5150 212
wooowwww $400 shippingg? thats madness i tells ya!
tbf it'd probably be cheaper to rent a taxi to get you to there
if you were in the UK i'd buy it off you haha