Hi, I have searched both the tab archive here and on google but I could not find any tabs or chords for this song that I really like. I'm quite new to the guitar scene and am unable to hear the chords or tab out a song yet and was wondering if anyone could help me by giving me chords or a guitar pro for this song. Here are links to the song from youtube, a studio and an acoustic version.
The Narrative - Castling
The Narrative - Castling (Acoustic)
In addition, it would be great if someone could teach/link me a place to learn how to pick out the chords/notes used in songs and the corresponding frets on the guitar. Thanks in advance and cheers.
I know it's against the rules to bump your own thread but it's been four days with nary a reply. I have tried to figure out the chords used without much luck. And I can't figure out the tabs for the riffs. Could anyone please help me out?
Some help would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to figure out what I can but I guess I'm really just bad at hearing notes (really new at guitars).