i don't consider my writing anything special.
i actually hate it.
i merely wish for feedback.
flaming preferred.
ripping off my lyrics,
is optional and acceptable.

please excuse shotty grammar, and length,
as well as strange placements of commas and such.
it was arranged quite differently, originally.

under and hidden behind he burns like gas, like this night turns sweat four cigarettes. hanging low, lets them know just where? this time. he will. where he lies. is where he dies. here on the inside choking on this he squirm. he spit swallows pill to cure his ill
hope it delivers. i ****ing hope, cause of this he gets so sick of this! and gets hit to sustain him, before this last verse drains him holds his note close to his throat like it's the last thing he wrote dripping with his shine all things given left aside. he will not fly.
doesn't even think. he'll never try. lifestyle choice in critical error the dying begins quick, cause he doesn't care. spelled out, by the noose he wears, and you know he would. yes he will. choose the sun before the shade. wrought with laughter and pain.


what the f*ck is it? kick with it, stick with it pick up, the stick up blowing stars off all around their lips, cause the ground in a crown form their mouth to a... down, cause you are like me words laid on paper drawn, and quartered. just another faker no. stick, shake, then we shape up are we still the diamonds in the rough when they drag us out in handcuffs kick into me, stick unto me pick me up. then hit me, cause what the f*ck is it? we're blown like... this flow. with violence in tow. for; the crack in this glass at the head of class gold, to the shit in the grass look all around the room their mind is the limit
their personal ****ing tomb engraved affair; thats the vibe they fear our shine is real, wrapped in... this ball. with christ. satan. and germs. we feel so... g o o d.


lies sink and die i see you deceiver. shadowing form of believer. hang the noose with the receiver. and cast aside those delivered roots drink poison from the river. the time of day, never knelt before christ. bore in mind with sun in their eyes they writhe all day and bleed all night. one day to be worthy of sacrifice. pen seek truth, abandoned inside
heart beat lost, this is mankind. shade the path of enlightenment with hatred and lies.

- (some small stuff)
on days like this i hate myself
and am so f*cking glad...
i am nobody else

stay and burn
for the choice i make
cause i am forever
and breath mistake
alone, my tether
ties my fate

you kept score
since before i knew
and fell through
to quick conclusions
and easy answers
you bled gold
quick like cancer
bury yourself deep
to find the answers

all that i know
stranger than fiction
limited in diction
constant reflection
on nautical direction
that is why
i can only hope
fading on pavement
slit and broke
i'll be less than part of you

i am enhanced
dull edged reason
for the rest of the season
defining this feeling
with the words i've been stealing
you stalked the ground
and made gold from my frowns
wish it was worth repeating
like the things you said
my mind's still peeling
from the first time we met
stay fluid, always save face
three years is just enough time
to state my whole case

freedom, what a joke.
an elaborate hoax,
written in patriotic prose,
well worn trail of patterns,
and nails, obsolete scales,
buried to the nose in our blood;
for their holy grails.

sorry for the block o texts.
i hope it was worth slogging/skimming through.
(some old stuff)

this crystal night never ends indifference feeding hate of so and so where ground meets sky the lights turn to knives handle-deep in the whites of their eyes limitless horizon formed a limit purgatory for those lost in it sea of knives, rain pierce bulletproof glass salt in wounds, eparation of the class distinction made battle lines drawn story pre-written in the blood of the pawn bleed them dry, bleed them till they’re gone no and **** so and so, **** so and so we’ll drag the stars from the bottom of the sea at the end of the end, thats where i’ll be


now toast all the world a circus tent human flesh outside for rent this void lacks a ceiling miles beyond negative feeling more unnatural than rational less casual than a confessional nothing said by those that speak turning knives upon the weak lines numbering ten hundred thousand
trace virginal data points on the stand go sailin on, pull anchor from floor satellites dot the dyeing shore swing your bat in the dark, do not fail contact, vertical velocity off the rictor scale


tip this scale in favor of a bottle teeming with life tomorrows todays cadaver tension dripping from incision knife suspension in air above the floor can’t break the stare, not anymore crack through marble enclosure suffering a lifetime of exposure cancerous thoughts unknown taken root cognitive paradigm shift before you knew it they do ring the warning bell contents under pressure not faring well knife in cadaver, scale knocked aside life lost as bottle and ground collide


where is the paradise beyond the pair of eyes a torch tossed into dry grass sparked like forty fireflies exploding web of gold into night held within suns embrace ripping wax from your face
no shade, no shame, no cover onward to oblivion with haste stars cascade into cold earth
hourglass nearing hollow map signals north, so follow human parameters incomplete and lost
sea of knives just to shallow where did paradise go we will never know


sun floods through sky portal saturating contaminated soil feast prepared of mortal coil clouds infect the atmosphere will we ever see the sun again where there are wholes there are halves
and where there are holes the sky will crack sky portal is now a forced entry empty void and door for anything loss of anchor to which you cling vertical ascent, failure to ring warning bells that cannot contain a wave of sound ripping straight through a history known and far from new
taxes in pain and failure long past due


maybe this world is a top revolving on its axis, envy of a clock and for the loser their is no ****ing cake just six empty beer cans and getting baked what do they think they know about this place deterred dreams and shells of families but what the **** do i know about anything
yeah thats right nothing, least i know that much far more than they know. doesn’t that suck


a grain of sand ground to a powder and melted to glass phantom legs rooted to earth fingers gripping the atmosphere eyes formed of raging stars in what vision of a world do i reside faceless paper apparitions marching to the downbeat of death flags of war born on their shoulders scrawled with mud proclaiming this is their forever.

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