Okay so I was in Hawaii the last week, and left my guitar sitting on my bed. Unknowing to me, my parents were gonna have the air conditioner up really high so I left my A/C vent open. I left my door open in my room just in case. Well I get home after 9 days of being away to open my bedroom into a freezing and dry room. I run to my guitar and I can't play one note on the high e or b strings. My PRS SE Custom is a set neck so am I screwed? And to think I just got it reset up like 3 months ago...


I think what happened is the intonation and the neck is now unset. A setup should be good.

Though, ive never experienced something like this before.
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Do you know how to check the neck relief ? At worst the neck may have twisted, Bummer!
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Yeah just if you can take it to a music shop and ask what's wrong, but it deffinately sounds like it will need to be reset at the very least.
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just let your room gradually get to the usual room temperature/humidity, don't push it by turning up the heat by 20 degrees and puting buckets of water all over your room, just relax and let it come to a usual position.

I don't think 9 days could possibly do irriversible damage, what I do think is that maybe your thruss rod has become a bit smaller due to the cold temperature, when it gets to a normal temperature it should be fine!

edit: don't expect it to go back to normal within 24 hours, you might need to wait a day or three :p after that check if theres any damage

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