I have searched, I used the FAQs and guides but nothing can explain to me my problem.

Basically, I have restrung my Ibanez RG240dx. Cut the heads off, thread through, etc, easy. I tuned it up and locked it. Then left it for a bit. As expected, it went horribly out of tune. So I retuned it. I did this once more then I noticed my floating bridge was really sticking out. I mean really badly.

I then searched on this forum to try and find a solution. I used a woodblock to block the tremolo strings and retuned and it worked great! Until I removed the block. Then everything went out of tune again, and the same thing happened when trying to retune.

How do I fix this? Did I miss the obvious solution when searching? If I have I'm sorry. If you can point me in the right direction to fixing this then I'll delete this thread. Thanks.
Quote by Jackamedmos
You need to balance the trem, look in the setup sticky thread.

+1 it could also be the springs. Are you using a different gage to what it came with? Mine works quite good.