Alright... I'm completely new... never touched a guitar before. I've finally made a decision to purchase an ej-200. However, after looking, I've noticed for an extra $50 I can get the EJ-200CE. I don't plan on buying an amp right now, but I feel like I might want to one day. I just want to make sure that if I do get the CE it will sound just as good as the other one when not plugged in.

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You've been on UG since '07 and never played guitar before? I like that

The sound will be virtually no different at all, and it will be a GREAT first guitar. The built in tuner just uses the pickup/microphone and shows you what note your individual strings are at which makes it very easy to stay in tune, or change to alternate tunings.

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it's not my account, it's my friends lol. How does it tell you what note is being played?
If you're just learning to play, I'd say save your money and skip the electronics for now, I doubt you'll be out playing gigs anytime soon (that is, unless you have previous musical experience/knowledge, particularly in string instruments). Electronics are really only good if you're going to be out playing shows and stuff and/or have a NEED for amplification. Plus, if you're learning on an acoustic guitar, what better way to learn than...acoustically. Just my $0.02 for that part....

...and listen to Obeythepenguin's recommendations. He knows his stuff.
I recommend looking into some companies such as: Yamaha, Alvarez, Takamine, Blueridge, some epiphones...some others I can't think of at the moment. Try to get something with a solid top; The wood is a solid sheet of wood instead of laminate (which is several thin sheets glued together), and solid wood resonates better, thus resulting in better tone. Solid Top=Good (in most cases). It sounds better than an all laminate guitar, so if you keep playing and whatnot, you've already got a pretty fair guitar. If you decide you don't like it or find you need to sell it or whatever, it'll have better resale value because of the top.

Oh, and if it's your first....don't put stickers on it. on acoustics it alters tone, usually not positively (I think). It also kills resale value.
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I really appreciate all the responses. I checked out the amahas... I liked them. Can anyone recommend anything else....