I like it, it's a very relaxed song to me but at the same time it sounds like you put a lot of emotion into your vocals which is good. Perhaps to make it even better dynamically you should add some more of those short "melodies" or something along with the main one, and tone down the tremolo/vibrato feel of it because to me it's very in your face dizzy sounding.
But overall I really liked it, made my brain relax haha =)
vocals were a little too wet for my liking. it did fit the song for the most part, but i felt like it was overdone at times. maybe back off the verb for some of the sections. and kick it back in for some of the other sections to give it a little variation.

the main backing thing got a little old after a while. it was really cool to start, but i kept waiting for something more to come in. those sections where you added some extra instruments in were cool. im thinking maybe after the first one, you could add in a line that parallels the main backing with something like a cello or violin sound. something that can get higher than the main backing, just to give contrast.

cool song, just got a little too much of the same. overall the feel was great, it just needed more depth. oh, and it also needed less if the hiss.

green link in my sig if youve got a chance.