I played one today at my "local" Guitar Center and WOW. It will be the nicest guitar I have ever owned, I think. I just wondered if anyone had any input or experience with this new American-made model from Fender.

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I played it. T'was BEAUTIFUL!
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The Specials are great guitars... until you play an American Deluxe. Then the Specials feel like Squiers in comparison. The Standards and Specials aren't that far apart in quality actually and I would have no problem recommending someone buys a Special over a Standard, but if you have any chance of spending the little bit more to get the Deluxe, it is a whole world of difference and it will really make you realise how average the Standards and Specials are in comparison.
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I have a highway one hss strat...basically the same guitar except for the nitro finish and alnico 3 pickups. Nice axe.