Hey, i'm looking for a band/willing to start a band in the Fargo area.

I live south of the cities during the summer, but go to school at NDSU, so i'm in fargo for the rest of the time.

My musical interests is pretty much everything, but i would like to play something along the lines of pop/punk (four year strong, this time next year, yellowcard, hit the lights) or hardcore (ADTR,TDWP, close your eyes)

I'm pretty good at playing guitar, and can sing, but my range only goes to about an A.

Interest? Send me an email at bubbles98769@hotmail.com
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im north of the cities. I know a few ppl who go to school there, but i never get up to the fargo area. id be interested in guitar work for a hardcore band. maybe some Fall of Troy style jam. w.e. give more details on what you are looking for.