So I run my RP500 through the front of my Ibanez TBX150 toneblaster, and I think it sounds good. my question is, does it sound better throught the effects loop, or through the front? Second, I'm wondering if I should trade my RP for a POD X3. Any advice? Thanks
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I used to use my RP500 live and I experimented running it both ways, and got quite different results each way. Through the Effects Loop, using the 3 cable method(send and return), it basically cancels out your Amps Preamp and you are getting nothing but the RP's sounds. Essentially all your amp will be doing is boosting the RP's signal through your speakers. It's perfect if you aren't crazy about your amps tone, and don't mind going all digital. If you run it through the FX loop using the 2 Cable Method, you'll retain your Amps tone, and the modulation effects, like Chorus, delay, reverb will sound much better than through the front of the amp, but the Wah pedal, Comp and Dist will sound bad. I personally preferred the sound running it through the FX loop using the 2 cable method. Seemed to be more crisp for me, but the Wah sounded horrible, so there are trade offs either way you go.

I can't comment on the POD x3, as i've never used it, but the RP500 is extremely versatile.

You might point any future questions over to this link, as you'll probably get a lot more replies from people who own it, and there is a ton of info if you search for it.


Hope this helps.
Certain effects on the unit won't work nearly as well in the FX loop as they would in front. Namely those that you would typically use in front of the amp if they were stompboxes (distortion, overdrive, whammy, wah), because going through the loop will mask certain aspects of the pedal due to the preamp in your amp. Another way to go about this would be to go guitar into your RP, then from the RP directly into the return jack in the FX loop. This will bypass your amp's preamp entirely, going straight into the power amp. I'm not guaranteeing that you'll like it, but it's an option worth exploring.
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Could someone tell me how to do this 2 cable effects loop?
Iv had my gear for awhile and I just run it from guitar to pedal to amp.
I know my Deville has this "effects" loop, but I still dont understand it. I've read about it, but I dont fully understand. Anyone got a computer analogy for this? Maybe just a list of what plugs into what?

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