Which dimarzio's should I get for my 1992 jackson professional dinky reverse?
dimarzio's website has a pickup selector which you can tell what you want out of the pickup, and what body wood you're guitar is made out of. it gives some good reccomendations.
Depends on what kind of sound would you like, Which genres would you like to play, what kind of amp do you have, body wood, bridge type, etc ...

at least give us some information, the Dimarzio pickup selector is also helpful.
Amp? Play style? Genre? Tone opinions? Response you need? Just "I want some DiMarzios, what should I get?" doesn't help us or you very much.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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Well, I'm quite biased because John Petrucci is like God to me, but he gets all kinds of great tones from clean to metal with the Crunch Lab/LiquiFire combo (keeping in mind his insane rig has a lot to do with his tone as well).
There are a million different tones you could get in blues and metal it's all about your own preference. Why Dimarzio in particular?