Hey , im going to buy a new Acoustic guitar as u allready know.. i havent been playing for so long so im not experienced..

I need a new guitar , not expensive just a very good guitar.

I've been checking the Washburn d10sce , and i like it but i need some help anyway :P

Do you got any Suggestions on wich guitar i should buy? please not more that 600dollars !

Thank you all !
if your not experienced $600 might be too much to spend just yet, i would buy a cheap one first.
i would buy a 300 to 400 dollar acoustic/electric. It won't give you the problems that a cheap 75-150 dollar guitar would and you might actually want to hold on to it if it is of decent quality. I would look into a takamine, ibanez, or an alvarez. Those brands are pretty good quality and i think they would be a great 1st guitar. I think it is true that good gear helps you stay involved with guitar.

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thx for all the answers !!! i check'em all out tommorrow im going to bed right now , so good night ;p
these are all guitars i've actually played. they're all solid wood rather than laminate, well made, well finished:

wider neck is easier to play, nice sound, all solid wood, great build quality.

it's all solid wood and it sounds great, too. it would be my favorite tonewise but i like the wider neck of the seagull a lot.

guild gad 25 - also all solid wood, mahogany top, and nice guitar. felt really good to me.