I've been testing guitars at dorsey music latley and I've had a hard time thinking about which company makes the best quality sounding electric guitars. My first guitar I ever had was a Fender and I always loved that guitar and still do, but I was playing the guitars at the music store and the Ibanez guitars sound just as good. Which one do you think is better?
I had a strat and have a tele, I'd say an Ibanez for a similar price (prestige, Japan) is better. It's all very personal though, feel tone is quite different.
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it's all about your taste. IMO Ibanez does sound better - but it depends on the model. However, I've never seen Clapton or Knopfler play one.

Taste, quality of work, quality of guitar... it all has a share. It's similar to cars; BMW, Ferarri or Chevrolet - depends on the model and your preferences.
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neither. also, this thread is pointless
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Depends on the model, but I prefer Ibanez ...
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think I'd go with Fender. I love the Xiphos and the Destroyer, but even then, the pickups they use in those aren't made by Ibanez themselves(DiMarzio D-Activators...=D), and I'm not a big fan of the Ibanezes I've played with Ibanez pickups, whereas I love Fender pickups. Plus, I actually find Fender Strats better for playing metal than Ibanez RGs. o_o Call me crazy.
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Ibanez guitars are like sport cars, while Fender guitars are like hot Rods, both are pretty cool, but depends on your taste.... I'd go for the sport car (H), like a JEM or an S