-Based on online research and Youtube, I have my eye on: PRS Singlecut, Ibanez s5470 Prestige, or Gibson Les Paul Studio.

-I have yet to actually play any of these. I'll get to a guitar store soon, but in the mean time, I was hoping for feedback from anyone who has played any or all of these guitars.

-Good qualities?
-Bad qualities? etc...

Thanks for any help you could give me.
Um... Guitars are cool, and stuff...
Les Paul studios can be either good or bad, I'd suggest playing about every one you can find, because I've played some good and some bad ones.

More importantly what genre(s) do you play?
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Id go for the PRS Singlecut provided it is not the SE line. If it is, then the Ibanez
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That's kind of a strange jump between the PRS/Gibson and the Ibanez. Two more classic single-cut vintage type sounds, and one high output more modern guitar with a Floyd. Seems odd. What kind of music do you play?
Very true, Style of music will make a difference as to what guitar will be better for you. If you shred, you don't want a Gibson, whereas if you want dark, versatile rhythmic tones, it might be a great guitar to buy. Style is important. As for all 3, the PRS is beatiful if it's not an SE series. Just play them all, pick the one that you like the best. Also, make sure you have a good amp, otherwise that guitar is going to waste.
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I play a variety of styles. Categorized by genre, I'd say it's a mixture of metal, alternative, and prog--most kinds of rock. Some artists that I enjoy are...: Flyleaf, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Mattias Eklundh, Alter Bridge, and Chevelle. I know that Vai and Satch use Ibanez, and Mark Tremonti uses PRS.

I'm looking for a good solo and voice leading guitar. I'd be willing to sacrifice heavy chugging rhythm sounds for good soloing sounds (although I like both). I'm at an intermediate level of playing, and I aspire to maybe play at my church.

Personal perceptions: PRS Singlecut = good tone, cheaper, lighter// Ibanez s5470 = floyd rose trem, stays in tune, more weight, heavy sound// LP Studio = good tone, good solo, good rhythm, much weight, much money

I only have a small practice amp (which is another problem I hope to fix soon).
Um... Guitars are cool, and stuff...
you don't have to have a big gigging amp to sound good. some amps are good and small at the same time
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I got the ibanez s5470 myself, and it's an absolutely amazing guitar in my oppinion Most comfortable neck I've ever felt, it feels so smooth you barely notice it's there even xD Also very versatile soundwise Awesome jangly tones from the single coil, heavy chugging riffs from the bridge, smooth leads from the neck
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