I get a very minute 'pain' on my left wrist after some playing and I'm getting worried if I'm gradually ruining my wrist. It doesn't bother me at all I'm just worrying if it's a bad sign.
I've only been playing for some 6 months so as rather new I'm just ignorant about these things.

It feels very similar to if you bend your hand as far as it goes towards your inner arm, the kind of a tense feeling after that.

I don't do any warm-up's really because I've never felt them necessary as I'm not really technically skilled yet. Should I or is this the start of something worse?

Is it about my technique? I play standing and my thumb is behind the fretboard mostly only when playing chords across the fretboard.
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it's equivalent to working out. you're just working your wrist so much it burns... we all get it, and thats why a lot of guitar players have shit loads of veins sticking out of their wrists :P no worries
Personally, im gonna attempt to bump this, because ive been playing about 3 years, and a, getting these pains after playing a fast finger moving song. so if anyone could help us...
Stretch your hands and do normal warm ups before. if it keeps hurting DONT KEEP PLAYING see a doctor and make sure it all checks out
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What might help is to make sure that your wrist on the neck of the guitar is as straight as possible. A lot of my friends who are kind of newer at guitar usualy have that problem, and their wrist starts to hurt as well. May take some getting used to, but it will help a lot if you aren't doing it all ready!
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Okay, thanks guys, I think this is the 'good pain'. I'll start doing some warm-ups and stretches before playing from now on.
It doesn't come right away, after a while, if I'm really working it.

I suppose my technique is more trashy than subtle :p
This sounds like fatigue. Just be careful not to push yourself too far. If the pain becomes sharp or gets worse then you might want to check your wrist isn't bent too far back when playing, as this can lead to serious long term problems.