if i want to build up a rack mount thing with a rocktron prophecy pre amp or something, what all do i need?
a power amp and then a cabinet? is that correct? advice?
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A head consists of a power amp and preamp. So if you have a preamp, you're only missing the power amp.
Obviously you'll want a rackmount, for starters. Make sure it has enough space, too. If I'm correct, the Prophecy is two spaces? Power amps may vary between 1-2 (though I've seen several that are more), depending on configuration. If you're starting a rack, I suggest also purchasing a power conditioner/supply, seeing as your chances of beginning to suffer from Gear-Acquisition Syndrome are very high, and no one likes having to search for a bajillion outlets at a gig.

As far as your original question goes, however: Yes, all you need is a preamp, power amp and cabinet.
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