My coach made me write a song for his daughter's graduation party and I just want some feedback before i show it to him and he potentially kicks me around his living room...I guess its like Dashboard Confessional-ish? Kinda just wanted something cheesy to write cheesy lyrics to so i can be done with it
Todds graduation.gp5
Todds graduation.mid
Do you love his daughter?Whatever haha.. i

I really like the acoustic riffs but i just think that this is so much loaded, maybe non so faster and more catchy acustic parts will sound better ( for me ) .. Im thinking about something like boys like girls thunder you know a little gay but sooo cheesy

With more work it will be a really great acoustic stuff for the lovely daughter of your coach hahaa... i can see what i can do, if you want of course
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
Haha im not in love with his daughter I dont think ive ever even talked to her...which ramps up the awkward

But yeah man you can play with it. I dont mind