I read a while back that Fender basses made at a certain time were not as good as they should be? Is this true and if it is, which years? I'm looking at a 1995 P-bass. Is it worth buying?
I assume youre talking about the CBS era basses? That was in the 70's, and I actually hear the 90's basses were pretty good.
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90's basses are perfectly fine. When CBS owned Fender, profit and maximum output were the main goals, and corners were cut on the production lines. It's mainly basses from the 70's, but if I remember my information correctly, even after CBS sold Fender, Fender continued using CBS stock parts until somewhere around the mid-80's.
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^That is correct. One of my guitar playing buds has one of those hybrids and he's pretty much gone about swapping out the less than ideal parts with decent Fender ones.

Anything from about 1989 on is fairly solid, no worries.
the late 80's MIJ p-basses are the ones to find.....by far the best fenders of that era
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