I have been getting into art, and would actually like to take a class, espiecally in water-colored, abstract paintings, with lots of messages thorughout them. I dont know many artist though, except for musicians, like Syd Barrett and bob dylan and what not, Anyone want to help me out and maybe some tips to start? Thanks guys, peace
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Don't expect to be amazing right away.

Experiment. There are alot you can do with many types of paint and shit.

You can use crayons.

You can spray water on the paint while it's wet and get a runny look.

Just do random crap and keep techniques you like.

Of course, learning the basics and techniques of paintings would be nice as well.

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^--- find videos of him painting and just watch them all day.

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
James Gleeson, Salvador Dali, El Greco, J M W Turner, Rembrandt, Picasso, Bosch, Peter Booth, Van Gogh > everyone

I've only recently started getting properly into art but they're my favourites.

And I like to paint details with a really fine brush, with only a tiny bit of paint left on it, and really push it onto the canvas forcing the bristles to go out in funny directions. You can get a great glowy effect with that. Although I don't know if that'd work with watercolours.
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Bob Ross uses oil paints. Vastly different techniques.

Go to www.dickblick.com , and buy a decent (but not crazy) watercolour set, a pad or two of watercolour paper, a couple mediums, and some DVDs. Or skip the DVDs and use YouTube for now. Plan on spending $60-$100. The paints and mediums will last a long time though, so it's not as expensive as you think.

I use watercolours a lot, but I have a very tightly controlled style, and use them on smooth, dry paper. More expressive artists usually use rougher paper, and get the paper wet first so that the paint bleeds into it and you don't get lines from overlapping brush strokes.

Experiment, but make sure you know some basics first. Picasso was a fantastic painter and an expert at drawing before the whole cubism thing.
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Bob Ross FTW. I actually enjoy watching this guy paint.
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