Here's a song I wrote a few days ago. It's an instrumental with some influences from hip hop, as well as BTBAM. It's on my profile titled "It Gets Easy"


Thanks in advance!
I like it. I definitely hear the hip hop influence in the drums. It's a pretty chill song, kinda relaxing almost. The distorted guitar later on gives it some power though. I like the guitar solo - simple but melodic, and you have a couple of quick runs that keep interesting. Your playing is actually pretty good. I like this song a lot man, it's chill yet kinda epic in a way. Not much to improve on but I would love to hear some kind of vocals over this. Rapping would work, maybe some singing, or even both. It's pretty solid though, nice work dude.

Mind checking out mine?

Hey thanks to both of you! I wasn't sure if anybody was gonna even gonna listen to this!

Anyways I'll make sure to head over and check out your songs!