1. 2 Guitar grade?

2. Can tell me that they had two, please?

3. 2 the price?

4. Pickup the difference?

5. If you want to buy what to buy?

Trouble you give me this advice and information!
What? Could you re-word that question so it makes a bit more sense? I cant really understand what you're asking.
You're talking about Ibanez JS's right? The JS10th is a lot rarer and will keep its value a lot longer, but will cost you a lot more too. They also have a chrome finish which is very easy to scratch, so you need to take a lot more care with them.
The JS10th has FRED and PAF Pro pickups, the JS1200 will have the same if its older (before 2003) or the Mo' Joe and PAF Joe if its newer.
Pickup (neck) DiMarzio PAF clinical (high)

Pickup (bridge) DiMarzio Fred (H)

NeckPU: DiMarzio ® PAF Joe

BridgePU: DiMarzio ® Fred ®

js10th of NeckPU and js1200's NeckPU which is better?

js10th of BridgePU and js1200's BridgePU which is better? js10th money?

js1200 money?

js10th with js1200 which one would you buy?

I have the advice and information!
sense, you didn't make.

If you're asking which one has the best pickups: They both have awesome pickups, you should play them both if you can and then decide.
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Pickups; Preference
Price; JS1200 RRP $2500 new, used around $2000
JS10th, have to be used, they made them 11 years ago, at least $5000, in good condition.