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About an hour ago I had the pleasure of opening up a PRS Experience 59/09 with an Indian Rosewood Neck and Fretboard in Faded Blue Jean. 100 of these were made for the 2009 PRS Experience show. All of them were made with Private Stock tops with a handful of them made with 1-piece tops. The Abalone inlays are very blue which is a perfect match for the finish. The very first thing that hit me was the Satin finish. This is my first PRS with a satin finish and I must say it is very easy on the eyes. It invites you to touch it, or stroke it as you may wish. The second thing was the weight, at 7.2 lbs it is easily the lightest guitar I own. Next is the natural finish of the IRW neck. So amazingly smooth, many hours had to be put into sanding it to perfection. The grain on the neck is dead on straight from head to heel and the fretboard looks almost like it's part of the neck. The coloring of the fretboard and the neck is so close to matching you can barely tell it's not one and the same. The 59/09 pickups combined with the IRW neck are the best part sound wise. With the push-pull tone pot (again a first for me) I'm able to get a very wide selection of sounds. One choice has almost an acoustic sound to it. I've yet to find a bad sound out of it, normally pickups only sound good with so many settings from the knobs as you may well know. Tuning - OMG! - Right out of the box it was dead on; I didn't have to touch a thing. Locking tuners are standard. I will try to grab some outdoor shots tomorrow if the weather allows. I sold my Les Paul 1960 Historic Reissue to buy this baby and I am so glad I did. No comparison whatsoever in any area.

"59/09 Pickup
The new 59/09 Pickup is the second model in the 1957/2008 series line of pickups. The 1957/2008 Series pickups utilize PRS exclusive wire, proprietary winding and magnet innovations that help produce iconic sounds but with unique tonality. The 59/09 is slightly darker and more powerful in the bridge than the first model in the series."

you went with the MEII! wow... thats my dream guitar. saw a few when i took the factory tour a few years ago and wanted to smuggle one out so bad. congrats!!

EDIT: noticed the pickups aren't from the ME and then read your post got a little over excited. congrats! easily the coolest guitar finish PRS makes
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Not crazy about the blue or some other modern colours PRS uses but there's no deny that is one quality instrument. Love the AAA (or maybe AAAA) top, mahogany body and while I prefer mahogany necks that rosewood neck lloks seriously great.
No doubt you'll keep that baby forever.
Moving on.....
Stunning guitar, looks amazing. Congrats.
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that is easily one of the most beautiful guitars ive EVER seen. period. i remember you taking a poll about which PRS to buy. im very glad you bought this one.


im sorry that guitar is staggering. i had to go back and stare at it. amazing. the only thing i dont like is the look of that almost black neck. very nice straight grain wood, i jut dont like it. for some reason i find a light color finished neck is very appealing. if i could have a custom guitar i think it would sport a birdseye maple neck with a satin or hand rubbed oil finish.

other than that personal nit pick, that guitar is staggering. thats the only word i can use to describe it.
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I LOVE the finish, I want it so bad!!! Anyways, HNGD.
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Oh I just saw one of these! One of the most beautiful thing on Earth!

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wow that finish is stunning!! looks like the bottom of a pool when the sun is shining through the water from above haha. ive wanted to try out a rosewood neck. from the way you described it, it sounds like it would feel about like wenge?

i always enjoy your NGD threads. always stunning instruments and great camera work to compliment them.

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I love your NGD threads! great looking guitar man!
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I just jizzed in my pants. HNGD!
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Let me start off by saying that I'm not really a PRS fan, but wow. I actually let out a little audible noise when I saw that. Beautiful guitar, my friend.
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To all the guys that aren't into PRS, yet are stopping by to post congrats anyways. Very cool! Thank You!!!
So the brown truck came. No wonder you couldn't stand the wait, that looks like an amazing guitar. Congrats and enjoy!
Can we hate you even more now?

I mean, you just go ahead and buy the best looking PRS's that are out there, and post pics here so that we go completely bonkers

HNGD man Stunning look. How much did it cost you?
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Beautiful, I want to go swimming in that finish.
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dude, thats awesome. you always have, by far, the best NGD's.
another happy NGD to you sir.
no words to describe how much GAS someone could have! just show the picture and anyone knows why you wants it =O

HNGD mate! treat her well!=D
Looking sharp man! I'm not really digging tat finish, but I'm sure it more than makes up for that in sheer exclusivity...

Have fun with it!
that is so beautiful,

i cant imagine how good that will look when you get it outside,

this maybe an odd request but could you get some really good detail shots of the inlays when you take them please?


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i came.................... now if only i could afford that 4000 dollars to pay prs to make me a custom 24 with a floyd....
I dont know how many times ive said this but PRS makes the prettiest and the best players guitars. Enjoy your new PRS im going to play mine now :P
Unreal, has to be one of the nicest guitars I've ever seen. HNGD!

Also, how's the all rosewood neck feel/play? Never seen one before.
wow, this is like my dream guitar, the Indian rosewood looks sweet

be good to her, HNGD!
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Oh lawd, Ive never actually seen a rosewood neck before, its beautiful, and that grain on the back is amazing, overall looks beautiful... but it would need EMGs :P

Also, how much did that baby cost? Im guessing 2-3k....
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Also, how much did that baby cost? Im guessing 2-3k....


East Indian Rosewood = SEX

More pics will be forthcoming, but sadly it may be next week before I can get some more.

Thanks for all the kindness!!!
I'd like to threaten you right now, but I'm still too busy with the pics :P. Congrats man, that's one of the most beautiful guitars I've seen in some time, and if it's even better than the regular MEII (as I expect), I'd gladly appreciate some clips just to know what kind of awesome tone I can't afford
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I'd like to threaten you right now, but I'm still too busy with the pics :P. Congrats man, that's one of the most beautiful guitars I've seen in some time, and if it's even better than the regular MEII (as I expect), I'd gladly appreciate some clips just to know what kind of awesome tone I can't afford

I will be working up some clips for sure, but it's going to be late next week before I can get to it. And yes, it's more like a MEII+ than anything else - or a slight step down from a ME1. I think I'm done trading for awhile. It's been quite a ride to get here.
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