kinda simple little piece I wrote. vids not perfect but i couldn't record it any more
please let me know what you think constructive critisism is welcome
EDIT: just so you know, the pauses are intentional
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Wow, I was surprised.

This is really good. I can't really say anything about this, other than I think it needs a little something. I'm not sure what, it just needs something else in there. Maybe some vocals, maybe just a few other instruments here and there.

I really like the sound of this though, you're a pretty talented acoustic player.
Wow! Great stuff! Not sure if you'd want to do this, but I think some parts would sound great with some very light percussion (djembe, shaker, etc). However, that might be difficult because your tempo is based so much on the feel of the song and it changes throughout. Again, great work!

Crit mine?