My birthday is coming up and I am going to get a new acoustic guitar. I would like to spend around $400. I usually play metal-core and hard-core but some acoustic music will be nice. I have never had an acoustic guitar. What is the best guitar for me to get?
Epiphone Masterbilt on Ebay. Get a USED stamp one. It's new but with some factory defect, usually in the finish, and they get repaired before selling usually. I got mine for $200 american...and then I bought another. Check out the DR-500M.
You can get a fender as good as any other acoustic brand new for like $100-$200 rather than spending your whole $400 on a guitar that wont last you any longer.
are you interested in quality build and sound or in looks? if you're interested in quality sound, i'd recommend passing on the ibanez and the backpacker. i'm not a big fan of masterbilts myself, and the ones stamped used that i've seen have belly bulges and lifting bridges.

here are some of the best guitars in your price range - all of which are solid top, btw:

seagull s6 (if you like a wider neck, the original s6, if you're used to a slimmer neck, the s6 slim) - full balanced great sound, good quality, nice semi gloss finish.

blueridge br-40 - very martin-y sound, but unlike the martin x series, not bass heavy. sounds very good, gloss finish, slender neck.

yamaha fg730s - clean silvery sound, gloss finish, nice appointments, quality build, slender neck.

here's one i haven't tried personally, but i've heard only good things about it, and a bunch of guys on agf have one. it's an ALL SOLID guitar for just over $400 with a hardcase or you can subtract $35 and get it for under $400, but i'd go for a hardcase myself.

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