Hi. I currently use .11-.50 gauge strings. so far they are the best i have felt. I prefer thicker gauge strings and I would say I pick a little harder than average which is probably why I prefer thick strings. I mainly play in D Standard and Drop C tunings and the .11-.50s feel grat for it but I think I actually want to go a little thicker. I play DR strings and i was looking at the Alexi Laiho signature set (.10-.56) but i am a little worried that they will put too much stress on the neck for when I end up tuning to standard some reason (I dont usually go to standard but sometimes I do aswell as Drop D) I'm not really worried about it being difficult to bend the lower strings, just if it is bad for my guitar to have these strings on it. So in conclusion, will .10-.56 gauge strings kill my guitar if I tune it within Drop C, D standard, Drop C# and D# standard. Also if you have a better suggestion then I welcome any opinions.
10 quage is the way to go in my opinion. they last long and are light, wont warp your neck and are easier to use.
Actually I always use .10 gauge, and I play in Drop C# pretty exclusively. I've done it for at least 2 years on the same guitar and I have never had a problem. I would also say that I play pretty hard, and rarely break strings. But yeah, playing lighter strings and tuning at least a half-step down is beautiful. You can bend really easy and its wonderful to play on.
10-56 will be very lose on the treble strings for full step down and may even warp the neck...I would recommend 11-56 for your needs.
I personally use a standard .10-.46 set of strings. I sometimes tune down a half step or full step and I have never had or worried about having problems with neck warp. Even if I did, I would take advantage of the truss rod. I have used .11's and even .12's in the past, but I always find myself going back to .10's. I'm a heavy picker and I've never broken a string in 5 years of playing, so I wouldn't worry about that.
I use Alexi's 10-56 and play in Drop C and lower with no problems on my Alexi sig. I don't think you'll have any problems.
Yeah I'd go for .11-.56 also, it'll make your chugging sound thicker and more alive
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