So my new band has our first gig in about two weeks, and it's outdoors in a courtyard.

We have my 5w Fender Vibro Champ XD, the other guitarist's 75w Spider III, the bassist's 50w Traynor Dynabass, and the venue's PA, which consists of two speakers and a mixer.

I'm not very sure if the Traynor is going to be loud enough for the job. Would it be safe to line out the bass amp to the PA? Will it damage the speakers like with a bass into a guitar amp? Or should I look into upgrading/renting a more powerful bass amp?

Also if my Vibro Champ XD isn't enough by itself, would it sound better to line it out to the PA or look for an upgrade (which I'll probably have the opportunity to do soon)
I was looking at maybe a Peavey VYPYR for the versatility. We play a range of covers including Weezer, Muse, Rise Against, The Killers (Sam's Town).

Thanks for any help in advance.
Mic up your Vibro Champ.

You can line out the bass amp, provided it has a line out.
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If your going to be getting your power from a generator for the amps, be careful...

Depends on how far away your audience is away from you and where they are situated. I wouldn't worry too much about the bass amp especially since low frequencies travel further than higher frequencies. The spider will probably be fine as well but the 5w fender will most likely be very problematic. Easiest thing to do is probably just look for a bigger amp especially if you'll be gigging again in the future.

Your sound wont be the best but it will probably be adequate for your gig as long as you can upgrade the fender 5w.
We'll have outlets nearby, so we're forunately not going to be getting our power from a generator.
Mic the 5W, spider will be ok. line out the bass if you want, not sure it'll be necessary if you keep the levels at a reasonable level. Can't hurt though.
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Definately mic up the 5W, Mic up the spider if you want but that is optional and if you can I would DI the bass