Any 7 strings out there with a standard trem: not fixed bridge or floyd rose style.
i think Petrucci's signature has a vintage trem.
i've seen some parts companies selling them, but i don't think it's very common.

I was hoping for someone to inform me of a guitar other than the Petrucci model lol!

My aim is to remove the saddles from the trem and insert new piezo saddles.

Any other suggestions guys?
well i dont know if this is what you're looking for but there is a product called tremol-no which can either leave your floyd completely normal, can make it completely blocked, or will just make it so you can divebomb.

but seeing that you want to replace saddles, i dont think thats what you want. Worth a look though. heres a vid of it in action

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You can get Piezo saddles for hardtails too, you dont need a trem. The EBMM JP7 has a piezo option too, keep that in mind, you could pick up a second hand one, although they arent exactly cheap
Also, you could try to find an Ibanez with an Edge Pro 7 (Floyd style) because they have the little metal inserts in the saddles, i've heard of a few people replacing them with piezo elements, thats probably the cheapest (and best) option.

EDIT: Here you go, any Ibanez with an Edge Pro can have a Piezo retrofit with the kit from Shotgunn
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