Hey everyone,

Iv'e been playing guitar for quite a while, for 3 years, but i can never play fast solos or tapping solos. Can anyone explain a technique for playing fast solos or tapping solos?
cuz i am starting to have small gigs and want to be really good. please help! \

please help,

In those fast solos, simply pick and tap faster! Problem solved.

But seriously, what do you mean a technique to play faster? You have to practice?
Well first of all, use your middle finger when tapping, act as if you were palm muting to mute the unused strings, work on accuracy, if you are accurate speed will come, learn to play fluidly without having to move your hands a ton or anything like that.
Try to learn the intro of "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen.

It will stretch your hand, you will get practice tapping on every string, and you will have to connect it smoothly.

If you can really slow it down and make it sound clean, then slowly speed it up, you will be able to pick up other songs pretty easily.