Before you read this whole mess, my basic questions is: For those of you that have done it, how hard is refinishing a guitar, how much will it cost, and is it really worth all the effort and money to do it?

Now for the specifics:

I'm in the process of buying an Ibanez RG 7321 for a very good price, but there's a pretty large nick in the back, and I don't particularly like the... very plain black finish. I was thinking about sanding it down, buying some flamed maple veneer and doing a bookmatched top on it.

Then I was going to stain it, probably just a slight honey stain or maybe a light brown, going for a relatively natural finish. I'd probably sand and stain the headstock to match, and stencil a custom logo.

I'm getting the guitar for about $200, and I don't really want to go much over $100 for the refinishing (I can get the veneer for like 7 dollars a sheet)

So again, let me know if it's do-able for a first-timer, let me know about how much it will cost, and if it's even worth it.

(I've looked up a few decent tutorials so I'm just looking for opinions here.)

Thanks in advance, guys!
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