Hey guys! I've been using a strat for the past 2 years, but the opportunity came for me to get a new guitar. I checked out the fender cd60e acoustic guitar and fell in love . Does anyone have any experience with it? I bought this guitar and I love it! Any thoughts? Also, what tips do you have about taking care of an acoustic guitar? I have a few scuff marks around the edges already, and although I think it gives personality, I don't want it to be damaged, so I'm looking for advice about guitar care . Thanks!
I have a regular CD60. I don't think it's an amazing guitar or anything, but for the $200 price tag, I don't know if you could get much better. I play it quite a bit and it has a nice feel and sound to it.
since you already own it and love it, i'll keep my comments about it to myself.

buy a hygrometer. salt test it, and USE it. even cheaper laminate guitars can be damaged by too much humidity or dryness. also when guitars are too humid, they swell and that makes them sound muddier. don't leave it in your trunk or attic, as too much heat can melt the glue that holds the bracing and joints together, and too much cold can also damage your guitar.

and happy playing
Its a pretty nice guitar for the price. My old bassist has one; I have the upgraded version...the one with electronics in it and I can't complain.
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