Hi guys!! I just won a breedlove acoustic in a contest.. i've been playing guitar for around 6 months, but now I want to start fresh, start new, try to fix my style and also start playing fingerstyle more. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some songs or exercises to help me out, especially regarding fingerstyle, because i honestly have no idea where to begin. I feel as though I have a solid grasp on theory, I know how to form chords and scales, but I've only been sitting down seriously lately and learning them on guitar. So far I have the first 3 modes of the Minor Pentatonic and the first 2 of the Major down. I know the basic major chords chords and I know barre chord shapes. What else could I improve beyond the obvious (fingerstyle technique and memorizing my scales / chords?) and sorry this post got messy near the end, but I'm really excited to push myself and learn more!