I've been playing electric for years and I've always liked the sound of classical guitar. The trouble was, I was always spending money on a new pedal or another amp. I feel as though I've got a fairly nice rig and assortment electrics now though and so this Saturday I'm going to go to a few different guitar stores around here and try out some acoustics.
My problem is I don't really know what to look for in an acoustic. I know I like a warmer sound, not the metallic twang I have heard on the cheap guitars some of my friends have.
So I'm looking for some suggestions for guitars to look at before I go out shopping for one. I'm looking for something versatile and I'd rather with a cutaway. Electronics would be optional because I'll be playing it primarily not plugged in. My budget is 300-400usd. I'd prefer to keep it around 300 but I'd go higher if I really like one. I was planning on checking out the lower end ovations.
avoid low end ovations. they sound worse than anything. the plastic bowl thing plus not solid wood top = me crying myself to sleep at night!

no seriously, go for yamaha.
this is about the best guitar you can get for under $800 in my honest opinion: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Yamaha-FG730S-Solid-Top-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=519049
and this one if you really want a pickup, but are willing to sacrafince some unplugged sound: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Yamaha-APX500-Thinline-AcousticElectric-Cutaway-?sku=512948

three of my friends have the first (one has two of them) and i've rented the 700 series of the second one for shows. the electronics are the same i believe and there isn't really much difference between them. needless to say, it sounded amazing at all the shows i've used it at. i had more compliments on that yamaha than i've ever had using taylors, gibsons, martins, breedlove, etc.
Well honestly I'd rather NOT have a pickup but it seems like electronics are pretty standard for acoustics these days. I'll definitely try both of those. I'll be stopping at three different guitar stores and I plan to make a day of finding one that is "mine."
check seagulls - i especially love the sound, finish and playability of the original s6 (if you prefer thinner necks, the slim s6 is the same guitar but with a 1 11/16 nut). the yamaha fg730s is a very nice guitar in its price range, one of the best imo. blueridge br-40 sounds very good, but is harder to find in stores, and has the warmest tone of the three.