Some dude at my college on, like, the 2nd year of the music course... never heard of him before but he actually did something pretty damn good i think, at least compared to a lot of shit college vids... which most of them are.
Not promotion, just thought it was cool and I can assure you, I don't have the same gear as him...
watch the whole thing, it shouldnt be too hard it's pretty entertaining imo

I'll shut up now, enjoy mebbe

Also if this is the wrong forum, which i hope i isnt as it discusses the topic of cthe quality of colelge videos, and a demonstration of it, rather than simply showing a video, with a caption of 'it kewl guyz!!!1!LoL!!!1!!1111111..#;/>?$'

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That's you isn't it..

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Not me, I got long hair... I'm on one of the videos from the college's - kinda crappy - youtube, but I'm willing to show any ya's cause... we're shit. lol Getting better, just formed like 3 weeks ago.


EDIT: Plus I don't know the kid, and he looks like a pretentious dickdouche.
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I think it sucked but that's me.
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From a production aspect?

It's VERY VERY similar to most college music video productions.

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Haha I get what you mean... it changes, but fair play haha.

And I can see what you mean by it sucked... but it's still better than *random*% of that age groups videos for their education, plus the song's... entrancing.. might be because i should be sleeping haha.

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It's not unpleasant.

But if lacks cohesion and I doubt there was any aim besides seeing how much he could fit in to one piece.

And City of Bath? I hear only steers and queers go there...

Fair enough...

..But back off!! lol.
No, the college sucks only in academic studies... really, really badly, too apparently.. I can see why, to be honest though, haha. Full-time music's entertaining, though
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EDIT: fxckzorz... double post thing. My bad
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Haha, okay... I've never been there, it's too far
Well I don't regret it... yet. So i guess i'll just wait and see

we're not queer
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