so for the past year or so, i have been using a different set every time i restring in order to test out as many strings as possible to see what i like. lately, i have been wanting to put 10 heavy bottoms on to get a thicker sound.

however, i finished fixing a short scale guitar and put 9 heavy bottoms on it (forgot to realize i should maybe go a size up on a short scale). the last 3 strings are VERY loose, and i find i can play amazingly fast on it with little effort. i really like it. however, i want the thicer sound.

thi leads me to DR Dimebag siganture. they are 9-50s. yeah. wtf????? i checked. literally no other brand has that size. im pretty sure my epi les paul has a slightly longer scale or the same as the guitar i fixed, which should provide slightly more tension on the thinner strings, but provide a fat low end.

anybody use these strings? what do you think? i play rock, clean stuff, and some metal. these strings are nickel plated with hex cores. again different. i will NOT play stainless.
i played them once, i didnt like the bend ratio on the strings, like i could bend and shred crazy on the E B G strings but the others were stiff as crap! so they didnt really balance themselves out too well..
I've been using Dimebag's for the last year or so. They've held up better than any other I've tried. Though, I sort of prefer DR's Blue 10-46 set.
My DB's are 10-46, not 50..?
Regardless, they seem to have great life, good tone, and are much better than buying Ernie Ball (no offense to the fanboys.)
Is there any end to the amount of things they can put Dimebag's name on?
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well local shop didnt have em. besides ordering online, i just had to go with ernie ball 10-52s, which can say sound a ton better than a regular 10 set for rock IMO. chords etc have a boldness to them now.

atill would like to see if a 9-50 is the best of both worlds. i evne asked f i could buy individual strings, but they didnt carry larger strings cause he says they dont really break so they never sell them.