i need help speeding up my playing . does anyone have any tips or scales that would help me
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i need help speeding up my playing . does anyone have any tips or scales that would help me

Stop chasing speed, you can't control it and effort towards pure speed won't get you anywhere. What you need to do is focus all your energy on improving your technique, for that you need to read the stickies, watch Freepower's videos and practice really well.
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To elaborate...
Take a riff you like but maybe can't play at 'full' speed...
Lets say its at 120bpm, start by playing it at a speed you can play it 100% correctly in. Lets say 60bpm.
Work your way up, develop the muscle memory.
Just practice basic scales such as the minor or major up and down in different variations and speeds and slowly build up to your speed. It isn't fun at all but after many hours of grinding a scale you will improve. Try stuff like this...The chromatic scale is very important but do it with other scales as well like 1-2-4 or 1-3-4 to exercise every finger equally
E 1234 5432
B 1234 5432
G 1234 5432
D 1234 5432
A 1234 5432
E 1234 5432 and continue down the neck of the guitar and increase speed to what is comfortable.

ehh didnt come out how i like lol you get the point its just 1234 then to the next string.
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one of the nice little scales that opened up my playing speed was pretty simple.
start out going at a normal 60bpm pace following this pattern:


Start out slow, so you can get the basic "feel" for the pattern. Once you get how the pattern goes, speed it up a bit, to, say 70bpm, then when you can do that, speed it up to 80bpm, and so on.
What you should remember to focus on, when going thru the pattern, in slow pace is your strength and dexterity, and as you start goin' faster you need to focus on doing this pattern using ONLY HAMMER-ON's, while you focus on strictly trying to use the least amount of force as possible, to fret the individual notes. just for kicks, try fretting a single-string note and the slowly releasing the pressure, until the note goes dead. This will help your muscle memory to find that point of pressure needed for your fretting hand. and if you feel that it is a bit too hard for you, try having your action lowered, and using lighter-guage strings. While most will argue that these two factors won't make a difference much, lower action and lighter strings are preferred by most "speed savvy" guitarists today for the ease of fretting which allows for faster playing.! Make sure you can devote about 30 minutes to an hour, each day for your practice, as well. This will give you time to stretch, and warm-up your fingers and your forearm. Just following these basic steps, I have noticed a dramatic change in my playing, as well as my speed and dexterity, as well!
Exactly what charles_ebarb said, just mix up the patterns to anything you can think of for more variation. Try scales up and down such as 5-6-8, 5-7-8, 5-7-9 5-6-7 and even switch it up for stuff like 6-5-8, 8-5-6 and so on so you can improve on different movements up and down the fretboard.
very well-worded, there, Metalmarathon. Learning to play fast, is something I am sure we all struggle with. It is certainly something that cannot be done, overnight. I can honestly say, that when I started applying these basic, yet effective concepts, Metalmarathon and myself are discussing here, in 1 week, I can truly say that not only I, but others noticed that I was getting faster and more dexterious. It wasn't a dramatic lightning fast difference, but it was noticable, so I got proof for myself, that these techniques are very effective. And yea, once you get a pattern down, to where you can go thru it comfortably, and fast, switch it up. Start working on another phrase. Metalmarathon gave some great examples of some very cool phrases to try out. Just keep your focus on 1 phrase until you are quite comfortable with it, and then move onto another, and when you get the second phrase down-pat, then blend the 1st excersize with the second one.... You can see where this is going, can't you?

Just be sure, while you're practicing, to take breaks, dude. You know... go mess around with another tune in your head for a few minutes, then come back to the phrase, just to keep your mind fresh. Ideally, this will keep you from getting burned-out on the repetition of it all.

Oh yea, and once you get 2 phrases down savvy, you can work on applying them to some of your favorite cover songs. Just be sure to be in the same key and you'll be fine!
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i need help speeding up my playing . does anyone have any tips or scales that would help me

Correction: you need help improving your playing. Work on making your playing accurate, clean, relaxed, efficient and controlled, and speed will come naturally and without any extra effort. Plus if you practice like this, when you do play fast, it will sound accurate, clean, relaxed, efficient and controlled Funny how that works isn't it?

Trying to make your playing faster is one of the worst mindsets you can have while practicing.
yo i had the same problem but there's actually an awesome trick to speeding up your guitar playing, all you've gotta do is focus on improving the amount of tension ya use with your right hand, and for your right hand, work, on its movement, if you don't need to strum any further than you do, then don't, trust me this works, thank god tenfold bumped meh thread, if you are reading this, then know that i will worship you forever, damn, your a lifesaver
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Thank you Mr.Which, much appreciated!

Yes threadstarter, saying you want to get faster is like saying you want a faster car - it doesn't "get faster" - you change the engine, tyres, tweak the gear ratio, whatever.

Similarly, you need to tweak or change your playing - work on every little part and make it efficient and relaxed and that's what speed is.
Tips for speeding up? Practice at slow, controlled tempos. Focus on articulation, tone and even notes. A clean tone helps tremendously with Alternate Picking and Sweeping Practice.