This is my first post so I would like to start off by saying high. I have been playing guitar for the past 11 years and over those 11 years I have had a total of 6 guitars. When I first started playing I always wanted a Martin and yesterday I got one. My current acoustics are a Washburn D100, Seagull S6 Original and now my Martin D-15. I have played a lot of Martins in guitar center but could not find a D15 to try. I love the look and sound of Sapele/Mahogany guitars so I ordered one from Guitar Centers web site. As soon as I took out the Martin yesterday and started playing I could not believe the bass, the sustain and sound projection. It is just amazing and sounded better then any of the Martins I played at guitar center! Actually to me it sounds better then any acoustic I have every played at Guitar center and I have played all the top of the line guitars. My finger picking never sounded so good. I do like my Seagull but the D-15 seems to be a big jump in sound quality. Part of that could be the strings. I think the D-15 comes with mediums (at least they feel like it). I have Martin light SP4100s on my Seagull. Also a big difference is the string spacing, from very wide on the Seagull (almost to wide for some style of playing) to narrow on the Martin. So far I like the Martin's neck/string spacing better for finger picking. All in all I think the Martin D-15 is one of the best acoustics on the market for the money.
congrats on your D15 - it's a very nice guitar, although i must admit that i prefer the s6 neck, especially for fingerpicking.
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Martin Studio Performance Medium Phosphor Bronze (MSP4200), according to here.

It comes with 14's I believe. It says in the owner's manual if you want to be 100%.

P.S. I agree with everything scupking said I must have tried 30 guitars before I decided on the D-15. Makes me smile every time I strum