I apparently turned the truss rod of my fender strat too far and i heard a pop! so now whenever i play it i get same notes or buzzing. I took it to guitar center and they told me that it had a bad truss rod. (go figure) well what could I do to fix this problem all i've thought of is to hit up ebay and replace the neck.
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Okay...then do just that...lol

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cool story bro
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what kind of strat? a nice musikraft strat neck could be nice. a warmoth would be a HUGE upgrade. depends on how much money you want to put into the guitar. just remember, quarter turns with the truss rod should get you a change. and don't use them to adjust action, just neck relief.

edit: just for reference... these companies all make strat replacement necks you might want to look into. warmoth, USACG, musikraft, mightymite, and even fender or squier necks on ebay or craigslist can be nice. depends on what you want and how much you're willing to spend.
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- Replace the neck outright.
- Get a new truss rod put in.

To be honest, unless it's a Custom Shop Fender, I'd just get a new neck.
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