Hello okay I need some help.

I just got a Randall RT503 50 watt head.

In the back it has a 4 ohm and 8 ohm plug.

I have a 2x12 150 watt cab. On the back it say's 8 0hm = 100 watts or 4 ohm = 150 watts, it just has 1 hole to plug into.

Now on the RT503 what one do I use the 4ohm or the 8ohm ?

Any help would be nice I am so lost on this Ohm stuff, and I do not want to blow cab or amp head.

The 2x12 cab speakers just has 75 watt on each I can not find anything else as to what the ohm is for each speaker is.

Thanks for any help I may get.
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I will explain the ohms thingy in a kinda simple way.

2x12's are usually 8 ohms, because most speakers are 4 ohms, by themselves. 12' speakers tend to follow this pattern;

1x12 = 4 ohms
2x12 = 8 ohms
4x12's (half cab) 16 ohms

I am not sure the ohm rating for a full stack, as I don't actually have one, atm, to look at for reference.

I run a Marshall 50 watt head, into a 2x12 cab and miy impedence selector is a 8 ohms and everything works fine(no explosions yet! hahaha)
Yea plug the cab into the 8 ohm input


could u do a quick review or post a clip of the randall
im thinking of getting one....
Thanks for the help.

Bassman434 I will try this weeken to review the RT 503.

As for the sound clip the only way I can do that is with my cell phone so I do not know how well that will turn out but will give it a try.