Alright, ProGuitarShop's free shipping offer ends tomorrow night, so I need to grab myself a phaser. Budget is from 100USD to 150USD.

At the moment I'm tossing up between the MXR EVH Phase 90 and the Malekko Phaser.

I play through a Bugera V55. I want a phaser that doesn't suck my tone, and something that can sit back and be a subtle effect. i.e. Eruption, Bad Horsie

Any thoughts guys, or any other phasers you'd recommend from PGS, guys? Thanks.
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The Malekko is very nice, sounds really warm and get pretty subtle if needed.


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The Custom Shop Phase 90 beats all. I AB'd it next to a real vintage one today and nobody could here a difference.
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After listening to all three pedals (MXR custom shop, EVH and Malekko) again and again, I decided on the Malekko, because of a) on the lowest colour setting, it gets a very similar sound to the MXRs, and b) it's a crapload more versatile - i'm always trying out new things.

Thanks for your advice, guys!