I got an epiphone LP JR from a friend, he was gonna throw it away.
I'm replacing the pickup with a Seymour duncan JB, but I still need a bridge.
since there is only on set of holes for the bridge, so I was wondering if I could use any kind of stopbar tailpiece as a wraparound bridge?
or is there another way of doing this?
It looks like Agile just use stop tailpieces for wraparounds, but I wanna ask the same question as sic6505+... What's wrong with the existing one?
Get an adjustable wraparound, that will do the trick 1000% of the times (Yes, thousand).

A solid piece of metal could be used, if you dont care about intonation, general playability and a little metal ring like sound it´ll make while playing.
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it wont work if its curved. with no bridge saddles, the strings cannot be held in place. so basically teh guitar would not work. strings would be all over the place.

you can get a pretty cheap wraparound bridge online. (actual wrap around)

however, you can wrap around the stop peice on a regular les paul becuase it does have a tune o matic. i did it to my guitar. there are still bridge saddles with intonation adjustment however because of the wrap around you change the bresk angle of the strings coming out of the stop bar.

some debate the effectiveness. it supposed to have an affect on the overtones of the guitar and slightly decrease the string tension. after doing it, i can tell you there is not much difference. however it looks cool and im happy with my setup, so ill keep doing. i didnt see any increased or decreased string breakage. however the break angle is almost flat now (slight angle).

A standard stop bar will NOT work. Standard stopbars are curved to match the top of an archtop. You would need to cut grooves into it to hold the strings laterally. However, your intonation would be complete crap and the guitar would probably sound terrible past the 7th fret or so.

Just pick up an intonated wraparound from GFS like what I linked above, or, if you're feeling froggy, they have a better one called a "Badass" bridge that seems to be far more adjustable to provide far better intonation.
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Dudes, the strings will not slide that much sideways, I assure you... The intonation, however, WILL be a bit off (but no more than on a lower mid-range acoustic). And the radius of the tailpiece is matched to the saddles on a TOM, and not the carve of the body.

It's not a very brilliant solution, but it's feasible, and has been done by several manufacturers who have not been ostracized for their abominable acts.

I would choose a BadAss-type design as well, though.
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what company does that? ive never known any company to use a stop bar as a wrap around bridge without any saddles or intonation?

the closest is a les paul junior or meoldy maker, and that has unadjustable intonation and they are flat across so they dont slide around on a curved bar.

that works. but a smooth, curved bar with no intonation? never seen it. and dont want to.
^Like I already said, Agile does it, and they have plenty of semi-religious devotees on this very forum.

Also, early to semi-late Gibson LP Jr. and LP Specials had simple stop tailpieces doubling as bridges. Search Google Images for either of these two guitars and more than half of the hits will show you this cost-cutting feature.