Im thinking about putting a clipper circuit in my guitar's tone control. Has anyone done this? If so, what kinds of schottky diodes should i use?
there is something called the Black Ice Mod that you put in place of the capacitor on the tone control of your guitar. It supposedly gives a warm distortion, but I've never actually installed any on my guitars.

the black ice cube is just 2 schottky diodes encased in epoxy. pay 30 bucks for the cube or 60 cents for the diodes...difficult choice.

I've done it with 2N5817's or 2N5818's. Can't remember which. Doesn't matter much. All you need is a diode with a voltage drop of .3v or less. I have some plain old Ge diodes with a voltage drop of just under .3v, and they aren't Schottkys.

having said all that, it's nothing to write home about. I never even use it. when fully 'engaged' it drops the volume kind of alot (smt like 6dB) and alot of high-end from the signal.

If you decide to go for it, just get 2 of any type of Schottky diode and wire them in anti-parallel and put the pair in place of the tone capacitor.

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what's funny is I remember when the black ice first came out, and it was only $20. I ALMOST bought one but I did my research and saved some cash.

edit: holy crap i forgot about that thread. and breakdown voltage is VERY different from voltage drop.