Currently have...

- Line 6 Spider IV 15W
- Schecter Solo-6 ATX (Might trade in for a hellraiser?)

Thats it.

Been getting serious with guitar for a while and this lil crappy amp won't give me the sound i want so i was looking for some info/advice.

I like to play rock, metal, classical, pretty much bands like dream theater, firewind, malmsteen, kamelot, etc...

So any advice?! Should i get a new amp, a new guitar, effects?

My budget atm is $700 not including the cash ill get for trading in an old Fender Stratocoustic i have lying around.

Help greatly appreciated
Any suggestions about the tube amp? Just looking for something to practice with atm you know small room stuff but might gig later?
When it comes to new stuff, 700 will get you either a Traynor YCV20 or a Peavey Classic 30. Put a boost in front of either (like a Digitech Bad Monkey or Boss SD1, 50 bucks for either one) and they do high gain fairly well. I prefer the Traynor, though the Peavey is not a bad amp by any means. Both nice all around rock amps.

If you go for something used and are patient, 700 might be enough for a Peavey JSX... if you can save up another 100 or 200, you'd be able to afford one for sure. It'd be great for the styles you play.
It can be tough some times to find a good tube amp for practice that is balanced. Ideally you'd want a combo so you wouldn't have to buy a half stack. Where are you going shopping?

Edit: never mind i see it
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