Sitting in a bath of my own reguritative waste,
My mind has seem to become misplaced,
The sensation is fluent in my limbs,
My chances of survival are decreasing, very slim!

A- Hey dude are you coming tonight?
B- Yeah apparently Chaya scored a dimebag!
A- Oh rad! From who?
B- Shaheer he sells the best shit!
A- Yeah and he's cheap too, have you tried his chronic?

Dont you stupid ****s talk about anything besides getting high?!

**** Hippies and Indie Kids
Smoking weed and tripping hits,
Yo Soy Chesler!,
Voy a empezar el hippy genocide!

1 hit, 2 hit, 3 hit, 4,
All I want is more, more, more!
Its 2010 and I'm tripping LSD,
The 60s would of been so good to me,

Gang Vocals:
We love the Beatles!
We have all their albums!
We've seen Rain 7 times!

Dont you ****-muffins listen to anything else!?

**** Hippies and Indie Kids
Smoking weed and tripping hits,
Yo Soy Chesler!,
Voy a empezar el hippy genocide!
Quote by Strings?!

I quote myself.
Beginning half is baseless accusations on the worst parts of drug and alcohol culture. By using such generalities, it makes you just as bad as them.
But due to the bashing of the Beatles in such a humoring way at the end, I can't help but smirk.

Here's something you might find interesting: Most of the drugs in the 60's (especially weed) where nowhere near half as potent as the shit today. It's all this misinformed drug culture based on nostalgia that was never there.
Drug usage has increased, while drug potency has also increased (difficult to determine scientifically, since effects and dosages are not measured in a controlled environment). Not to say that correlation equals causation, but it would make sense that higher potency levels makes for customers that come back and sooner.

Looking at your profile, the 1st image I saw tells me your under 18. I haven't looked yet. Wait.
Wow, I'm equally surprised, and not.
Wait a couple years, and you'll see that this brash bashing is so childish, that you'll feel embraced by being associated with it.
I take back my earlier statement; you're just as bad as the chavs that you hating on.

Work on making real sentiments being known, and not just some semi-political drivel. You will find that they matter not to you when you have a lot more prudent matters at hand; STD's, unemployment, alcoholism, waking up by a street gutter/hooker (didn't wanna be redundant, but I was anyways).
Story of my life.
Oh shit, real criticism.
Just like your title, your prose is overly dramatic, and just as underwhelming.
I felt, nothing. And I'm straddling the buzzed/drunk line. Wow.
It means that nothing was sincere in your "poem". If your British, this is the 2nd time I've seen an absolute idiot (took me a while) in your ranks.

Cali? **** man. Hit and miss today.