I'm after an electric hollow or solid body guitar that's good for classic rock and blues, I've got about $600 to throw at one
classic rock and blues... maybe a MiM fender stratocaster?
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Try going out shopping. Between new and used the market is too large to suggest anything.

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What do you have now? What do you and don't you like about it? What amp do you have?
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i love LOVE my epi les paul custom, but money is money. i wouldnt pay 600 for it cause i know there is statistically a better guitar out there.

in the 600s? your getting into asian fender territory and low end american territory (arent the highway 1s like 700? one of those models)

personally, i like more unique guitars so they arent the norm. in that range you can get a carvin, lower end G and L, and i would look at a PRS SE semi hollow and the single cut.

if i hadto replace my epi les paul with a slightly higher quality guitar it would be a prse SE single cut in white. cause i love white guitars, and those PRS's have slim, sleek lighter weight bodys that i love compared to squared off clunky les pauls.
you could get a nice Gretsch for that much the Double Cutaway model is like 500 I think. sounds great.
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Fender Tele RI Thinline would be the absolute best guitar in your price range imo. It's the semihollow one and an absolute fantastic guitar, and worth every penny imo.
They're $750 new but you could easily get a used one for $500-600.
Heres a link

And don't buy an epiphone when you have enough money to afford a Gibson Les Paul or SG.
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alrighty.....thanks. I've always had a weird thing for hollow body's........ and the LP shape