I installed an EMG 81, SA and 85 into my guitar using parts from the 2 pickup solderless kit and soldering where needed. I followed a wiring diagram sent to me from a helpful guy at EMG support. Unfortunately I need to get myself a longshaft stereo jack but at the moment im using the stereo jack that came with the emgs but its just poking out of the cavity at the back (I left it open as it can't fit the place it should go) but that shouldn't affect how it works, the wiring is still the same. I have a 5 way switch, there are 8 little terminal things, and I soldered both the white and black wires from the bridge, middle and neck pickup to terminal 1, 2 and 3 respectively, and i soldered the black and white wires from the volume pot to terminal 4, and soldered a wire to connect terminal 4 and 5 together. 6, 7 and 8 were left unattached to anything. One thing I wasn't sure about was the capacitor(?) on the wiring diagram. There wasn't one in the set anywhere, and in the standard instructions it didn't say anything about one so I assumed EMGs don't need them? Also I removed the ground wires from the back of the tremolo and inside the cavity under the pickguard. I've got photos of how I wired it up on my phone, just installing bluetooth drivers to get them off it, bare with me. In the meantime I have the wiring diagram, if you have any idea what to do, id love some help! Thanks for reading

Wiring Diagram: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3059614/3%20EMG%201v%201t%205wb.pdf

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Did you put the battery in?


Is any of the wires touching at all? Could be short circuiting the flow. Other than that... I don't know.
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Okay the pictures I took weren't very useful, but i'll take some more when I open it up again in a couple hours probably. Yes the battery is plugged in :P

All the red wires from the pickups are plugged into a little red plastic bus, and the red wire from the battery is also plugged into it. The black and white pair of wires from the volume pot going to the 4th terminal on the switch are from the first two pins on the pot, its a solderless wire. The end that is soldered has the solderless connections cut off, and the insulation is stripped off a little at the end in order to solder it. The second pair of pins on the volume pot are connected to the first pair of pins on the tone pot with a solderless wire. The black wire of the battery is connected to the first terminal on the jack. I may have misremembered something so I will check all the wires when I can, and tell you exactly what is going on. I'm going to order a Switchcraft 152B ASAP. Does it matter which set of two pins the solderless wires are plugged into on the pots? And does anyone have any tips for squeezing in two batteries into a tiny cavity? It's an rg2550z and I'm planning on doing the 18v mod. Thanks!

Edit: Pics are up on the first post, crappy phone camera, and I emailed EMG support and the guy said the black wires from the pickups are ground wires, so I need to redo them.. Hopefully it will work after that, i'll let you know what happens
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