So whats the difference ?
Black beauty has just 3 pickups , but is it good or not ?
Which1 should i buy ?
Would you use the tonal possibilities of 3 pickups? if not go with the custom
the customs are effectivly the same as a les paul standard, quite a few people do not like having 3 pickups as the tone changes slightly
Did Neil Young not have a black beauty, if so then its awesome.
I think he did. I have the BB - epiphone model and I love it. I thought I would get more out of the 3rd pickup but I feel like it doesnt add much tbh. I've been looking around online at rewiring options etc and its with my guitar tech right now to get something done with it.
While a black Les Paul does look great to me, I dislike gold plated hardware with a passion. It never, ever holds up well over time. I alo don't like the huge block inlays on a custom but prefer the trapezoids on a standard. Add to this the real Custom doesn't have a maple cap but is solid mahogany while the EPi is still capped.
The Epi Custom is 200 more than an Epi Standard but really you're not getting the difference in value IMO. I think they priced it like that so that it's scaled like Gibsons are (Custom more than Standard). For like $100 more than a Custom you can get a Limited Edition Epi (Tribute or 59 Reissue) with seriously better PUs and a hardshell case. Or you could try a bunch of Gibson Studios and you might find a gem.
Moving on.....
naw i hate studios , they sound like shit and lool like epiphone les paul specials .