This is something I wrote quite a while ago, that I'd forgotten about. I haven't written lyrics for it yet, but I will if I get good responses.
projecta 86.gp5
I dig it, I really like the upbeat feel its got and the lead harmonies are really good and unique. The chorus seems a bit choppy and cluttered at times. Also maybe bring the bass out a bit more in the verses, it sounds really "thin" right now. All in all, I like it. Write some lyrics for it man.
Not bad. It seems like every time I see how T&C is doing, you're the only person regularly posting things other than grind/metal/death/___core crap that just registers as noise to me 9 times out of 10.

It just got a little repetitive at times was all, but if it were to be recorded and such that probably wouldn't show through as much anyway. Overall just really good, solid song.
Thanks everyone.

I've got a first draft of my idea for the lyrics done; it's in my sig under "Darling, This Is An Intervention". I'm not sure if I'm going to use those or not.
very cool!
all the guitars in the chorus worked really well together, especially the six-string chords. if you ever record it, be sure to keep the gain low, or it's gonna get muddy real fast.
only problem - for such a poppy song, those ringing chords at the beginning of the verses are awful hard on the ears. whatever it is, change it to get rid of the dissonance - it completely throws off the feel of the song.
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In my opinion, I would drop the lead guitar out during the verse. If you get vocals going during that spot, it will be full enough without that part. It just doesn't feel like it should be there, a little too repetitive. Write lyrics for it though, sounds good.